We are offering you a special deal by getting your custom-made full outfit at a special price of 5990 RON.

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Stages of making a suit


Consultation with the stylist


Selecting the fabric


Choosing a model


Taking the measurements


Final fitting


Making 20 - 30 days

Fabric Manufacturers

What is Canvas?

When it comes to a Made-to-Measure suit, the craftsmanship can be truly observed when adjusting the existing pattern to your size and features.

A suit canvas, a hidden treasure within, is a layer of material that elegantly separates the outer fabric and lining, bringing structure and form to the garment. Its presence is an indispensable aid in ensuring the jacket drapes and fits impeccably on the wearer's body.

Full - Canvas

A full-body horsehair canvas constructions runs through the entire length of the jacket for a more structured look.

Half - Canvas

A half canvas construction strengthens fine fabrics in through the shoulder down to the waist, ensuring a natural breast silhouette.


Visit us and have the perfect fitting shirt made in 3 steps


Visit us and have the perfect fitting shirt made in 3 steps


Selecting the fabric

Choose from fine natural fabrics from world-renowned suppliers, whose age-old traditions and craftsmanship have made their names synonymous to luxury, quality and innovation.



At this step, we seek a design that reveals your personal style and enhance your best features through a personalised cut, collar type, button holes and pocket shape.


Tailored to your measurements

Your allocated tailor will take your measurements to ensure the shirt is being made to complement the natural shape of your body and the outfits you plan to wear.

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