Grandezza Sartoriale

Or "Tailoring Greatness" represents the mission of Florentino Delure in bringing the allure of Italian luxury through exceptional tailoring and exquisite materials.

Made in Italy.

The Story


How it all started

The founder's Grandfather Leon, in his early twenties, on the way to his routinely yearly appointment to the Bespoke Tailor, where he would order 3 to 4 Bespoke suits for the following year.

A childhood of learning

Since his first Bespoke Suit at the age of 9 along with his Grandfather, Serghey got gradually captivated in the art of suit-making. As the years passed by, this interest became a true passion which eventually got translated into a quest for knowledge.

2006 - 2014

The beginning of heritage

In his quest for knowledge, as soon as Serghey (on the right) graduated University, he started travelling through continents to meet the best suit-making tailors the world can present. Eventually, he stopped in Napoli, where he met Luigi (on the left), a Master Tailor with whom he created a special bond based on the perpetual curiosity and craving for excellence.

Since 2014

A family-owned business

Since 2014, with Luigi being his partner responsible for the Bespoke service, Serghey is the founder of Florentino Delure - a family-owned suit-making brand providing business, casual and tuxedo Ready-to-Wear, as well as "su misura" Made-to-Measure and Bespoke services. Nowadays, with 3 physical locations in 3 countries and an online store, the brand is set on a continuous expansion strategy with 5 more locations planned in the next 3 to 5 years.

What do we stand for?

The Pursuit of Perfection

In a world where fashion trends come and go, Florentino Delure stands steadfast as a beacon of timeless elegance and artistry. Inspired by his journeys, Serghey joined forces with Italian artisan Luigi, a master of Italian craft and business with a distinguished career at renowned Italian brands such as Kiton, Sartoria Dalcuore, and Stile Latino. Together, they created a brand that transcends borders. 

A Symphony of Craftsmanship

In the realm of sartorial excellence, our crown jewel is the Made-to-Measure and Bespoke services, where clients select every aspect of their suit. From fabric choice to body measurements, shoulder and lapel type, and even sleeve buttons—the possibilities are limitless. After the initial fitting, our suits undergo meticulous crafting by Italian artisans, a process that can take 7-8 weeks for completion. We are committed to the proposition that quality surpasses haste. And the result? A masterpiece, worth the wait and tailored to perfection.

More about Bespoke

Attention to details

From creative vision to meticulous execution, at Florentino Delure, luxury lives in every detail. Our commitment to excellence is end-to-end. We begin by sourcing the finest materials from Italy and the United Kingdom and collaborating with skilled tailors and manufacturers who understand these precious materials. Whether you choose su misura or ready-to-wear garments, each piece is a testament to the dedication we pour into our craft.

A Villa of Sartorial Dreams

Step into the Florentino Delure Bucharest showroom and you'll find yourself transported from the bustling city to the serenity of an Italian villa. The Villa, a historical gem built in 1939 and listed on Bucharest's historical monuments list, faithfully preserves the essence of Italian design. With its rich history as a diplomatic residence, meticulous restoration, and timeless architecture, it sets the stage for an experience steeped in heritage and sophistication.