The essence of Bespoke Savoir-Faire

Authentic bespoke tailoring, known by connoisseurs as "Grande Mesure," represents sartorial craftsmanship inseparable from flawlessness: individually crafted for every client, aligning with the client's preferences, body structure, character, and dressing objectives, the expert tailor produces an exclusive attire, meticulously handcrafted, impeccably tailored, and entirely envisioned with and for the client.

The quality of our bespoke tailoring speaks for itself when you are still enjoying your garments in 20 years’ time.

Hand-made in Napoli.

The Meeting

It all starts with your first appointment, where you instantly emerge in our unique sartorial universe. During your conversation with our master, our master tailor will ask you several personal and tailored-to-you questions, so that he learns more about your lifestyle, your expectations, and the way you plan to wear your Bespoke suit in terms of frequency, entourage and season.

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The Measurement

After your discussion, our tailor, which by this moment is already "your" tailor, will proceed at taking your measurements. There are over 20 measurements needed in order to execute a Bespoke suit that fulfils all of its three main objectives: correcting body asymmetry, straightening your shoulders, and lengthening your silhouette. Additionally, our master tailor will guide you on the suit's cut, button choice, pocket style, lapel preferences and lining color.

The Fabric Choice

Now, it's time to pick the fabric for the suit, and the options are vast, encompassing a multitude of fabric choices from the most luxurious fabric mills in Italy and England.

Similar to the lexicon of fine wines or sports cars, bespoke tailoring boasts its own terminology. Fabric discussions might touch upon luxurious materials like cashmere, vicuña, distinctive patterns like a "Prince of Wales" check or a "tennis" stripe. The fabric's density is a key consideration - a higher metric value signifies a finer, softer material.

The Cut

After the first meeting where the client's measurements were taken, all of the information is sent to our master tailor in Napoli, where the true magic starts. First, our master tailor starts pattern-making by translating the client's measurements into sketches, taking into account the client's morphology and the specific needs of adjustments, such as jacket's hang and shoulder rebalancing. Then, the resulted sketches are transcribed in the first prototype of the jacket. In this process of cutting the fabric and constructing the prototype, the master tailor leaves extra material on each piece to leave room for adjustments at the second fitting.

The Fittings

The first prototype, or how the tailors call it - the first toile, requires up to 3 weeks to be made. Then, it is sent back to the concept store, where the client is invited for a second fitting. At this point, the tailor will check the jacket’s balance lines, meaning how the piece aligns with the body, and will register the necessary adjustments for both the jacket and the trousers, the latter being in a try-on stage. Considering the results from the second fitting, the prototype will be sent back to our master tailor in Napoli. There, it will take a couple more weeks of craftsmanship until the client's suit is ready for the final fitting.

The final result

During a couple of weeks, and using his "generations-harnessed" expertise in the art of suit-making, our master tailor translates the information from the second fitting into the final product. By the time the client's suit is sent back from Napoli, the last fitting takes place. At the final fitting, the master tailor makes the final adjustments, eliminating the slightest gather or wrinkle, ensuring taut, clean lines, with modifications of the model down to the millimetre, leaving nothing to chance, or to déjà vu. There, the client's anticipation is finally over by putting on the finished Bespoke suit. At this precise moment, a new chapter in the client-suit relationship commences. A relationship of trust, of commitment, and of loyalty.

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