We dedicate our activities to all those who appreciate refinement and excellence of an exemplary garment, made of high-quality fabrics and tailored to convey individuality and high standards of wearers.

Every collaboration <br> is a successful mission.


Florentino Delure revives the traditions of custom-made clothes, preserving the uniqueness and individuality of each client and paying special attention to the details when making classic clothes that combine new design accents. Florentino Delure suits will always remain your elegant and excellent choice.



Like Father Like Son

This project was based on the desire to underline once again that men are notable for their words and actions, as well as for their proper personal appearance. Many men think that elegant outfits are unnatural, expensive and pretentious. Oleg Efrim was able todemonstrate the contrary – Florentino Delure items fit perfectly the wardrobe of a gentleman who believes in refinement, in education, in manners.

Valentina Nafornita

Do you think pleated trousers and jackets are exclusively men's clothing? If so, we invite you to discover Valentina Nafornita who knows how to wear a Florentino Delure men's suit, without losing her feminine charm, because our concept means the adaptation of a men's suit, and the result is an original and, why not, a very sexy outfit.

Alina Andriuta

The line between masculine and feminine is becoming more and more thin. This concerns not only the business, but also the style and approach to clothes. As part of this project, together with Alina Andriuta we wanted to show how a business lady can combine versatile pieces of men's style, which are full of individuality, and, at the same time, look so beautiful.