Made to order and with the tailor’s special attention.



Stylist's consultation –duration of 40 / 60 minutes








Final fitting


20 - 30 days



The Belgian company, founded in 1938, specializes in the production and supply of textiles, men's suits and personalized accessories.
The Scabal brand fabric is considered one of the most expensive in the world and offers more than 5000 different fabrics on the market. Innovative methods used by Scabal for animal husbandry and processing of raw materials allow to obtain wool with minimum thickness and maximum degree of softness.
In terms of fineness, this wool is superior to all existing materials, including natural silk. Scabal textiles are chosen by: Lanvin, Gucci, Tom Ford, Hermes, Smalto, Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren etc.
The Scabal Treasure Box cloth was used inside the Aston Martin Rapide S luxury car, and this brand suits are worn by: Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Justin Timberlake, David Beckham, Robert Downey Jr., Tom Cruise, Leonardo Di Caprio etc.

The Italian company, founded in 1910, produces luxury fabrics. Each year, the collection of fabrics is represented by 350 different patterns of fabric manufactured: from wool, cashmere, mohair, alpaca, and lama, vicuna, in line with the latest technological achievements.
One of the most famous developments of the company is the Micronsphere fabric made of natural wool, produced using NANO technologies. The peculiarity of this fabric is that it is water-repellent, so as to prevent the formation of stains on the fabric. In addition, the fabric is wrinkle-resistant.

Founded in 1924, the Italian brand is acting in the luxury segment of industry and specializes in manufacture of fabrics, clothes, bags, interior decor elements, household goods, accessories for horse riding, yachting, piloting, corporate gifts made to order under an individual project.
The company uses only high-quality natural fabrics: Burman lotus (processed immediately after collection – on the lake sides in Spain), cashmere, merino wool, vicuna, alpaca, etc.
Due to the use of impeccable quality textiles, Loro Piana has gained a reputation of a premium-class manufacturer and is positioned in the luxury goods segment, being preferred by Dolce & Gabbana and Brioni.
Loro Piana is a brand of reference in the luxury goods market.

The French company, founded in 1842, specializes in the export of luxury fabrics all over the world. The brand offers fabrics of Vicuna wool collected on the high plateau of the Andes, Pashmina and llama wool from the region of Muskoka in Canada. This fabric is incredibly light and warm.
Fabrics are made in England, observing all the traditions of production and using the latest innovations in this field.
The company collaborated with many famous photographers, sportsmen and models, including Veruschka and Cindy Crawford.
Suits made with Dormeuil fabrics are chosen by presidents, British royal family members, aristocrats and Hollywood stars.

Founded in 1836, the English brand, focuses on the production of luxurious cashmere, silk velvet, natural linen and fine wool fabrics.
This brand's shops are present in more than 50 countries. Holland & Sherry fabrics were used for costumes in the Green Mile, Harry Potter, and Mission Impossible.
In pre-revolutionary Russia, the company had representative offices in St. Petersburg, and these fabrics were in great demand with the aristocracy. Until now, the company has been producing high-quality and luxurious fabrics, being preferred by British royal family members, famous actors and politicians.
Holland & Sherry is one of the leading suppliers of fabrics for brands such as: Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Chanel, Canali and Marc Jacobs.



For a Made-to-Measure suit, the existing pattern is modified depending on the size. The type of the Made-to-Measure suit shows us a suit that is born based on a pre-established model, that is unchanged and divided by sizes. It is adapted to each person’s needs, related to the length, width and personalized details.

In general, the client measures a certain model, to which possible alterations are made, after which the suit will be made in the factory according to this altered model. The quantity and price of adjustments depending on the manufacturer.


In Bespoke suits, patterns are made entirely from scratch. The word ‘Bespoke’ comes from the Savile Row street in London and means ‘verbal indication to do something’. There are some common criteria that define a Bespoke suit:

·      Individual pattern and model for each client;

·      Complete personalization of details;

·      Fabric selection;

·      Multiple fittings;

·      Handwork;

·      Direct interaction with the tailor.