Showroom to the art of clothing.

A man should look as if he has bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them.

Florentino Delure

Our concept is more than just a dress code. The story of a perfect outfit begins with a visit to Florentino Delure showroom and with a discussion with our consultant, where you will learn how to create an elegant, stylish and successful look.

Fabrics for classic and ceremony suits available at Florentino Delure bear signature of Ermenegildo Zegna, Carnet and Loro Piana, with a 350-year presence on the Italian market of luxury fabrics. The shirts are made from delicate Egyptian cotton fabrics, and the shoes are made by hand from the best 100% Italian leather— they are beautiful and incredibly comfortable —very ideal to conquer the world!

Since we value quality, each product is created according to the personality and lifestyle of each of you.


Florentino Delure is dedicated to all those who care about elegance and delicacy of their outfit. Our showroom creates Ready-to-Wear, Made-to-Measure and Bespoke suits using 100% high-quality Italian fabrics. In addition, we offer high-level Fashion Consulting and After Care (repair and alteration) services. Excellent workmanship in clothing arts, quality of fabrics, special attention to detail combined with timeless elegance turn your suit into a work of art, making Florentino Delure brand assert itself over time and become one of the most important brands in the Moldovan market.


The Florentino Delure Concept was conceived out of passion, still with a great deal of persistence and an absolutely individual approach to each client. We opened our doors on 8 December 2014, and what began as a simple idea about a “made at home” brand has now become a successful showroom in the heart of the capital.

Who is ‘Florentino Delure’? Let's lay our cards on the table a bit. ‘Florentino’ comes from the name of the main character of the romance “Love in the Time of Cholera” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who sensitizes the reader by his long-time fidelity. ‘Delure’ is the surname of a Spanish composer, borrowed to transfer the element of art and harmony into the clothing segment.

Thus, it’s easy to decipher that ‘Florentino Delure’ means a poetic and musical combination, reflected in style. It is, beyond fear and skepticism, perfect fidelity to everything, which means quality, elegance and comfort. This is a love for the client and for everything we do. These are our values, which perfectly fit the slogan ‘Ego for men’ – outfits for men, which will make any circumstance perfect and transform a typical day into a special event. At Florentino Delure you will find only high-quality clothes, as in old times, but adapted to present day requirements, you will enjoy a special, slightly different atmosphere, and will benefit from high-class service.


Each Florentino Delure item is thought out by a group of professionals who care about high quality of fabrics and, thanks to their extraordinary skills, give rise to a unique clothing creation: elegant and comfortable, with a guarantee of a fair and stable price. Thus, Florentino Delure is a luxury and well-being oriented vision.


Florentino Delure promotes individuality, providing you with the opportunity to create your own suit, your own shirt and your own shoes, offering you high-quality Italian fabrics and a variety of colors and patterns. Florentino Delure is a synthetic expression of the main aspects of women and men’s fashion.



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